Give your Brand a presence & a profile with WOMAN &
North & South

We're supporting Small businesses with an opportunity to reach high quality audiences with an engaged following to showcase their brands.

Using an easy to manage pay-as-you-go CPM model (cost per thousand), you can purchase a medium banner ad (MREC) on our websites - WOMAN and North & South.

MREC's are calculated on a $20 CPM - which means if you purchase 1 x $20 CPM Banner, you will be guaranteed 1000 impressions on our site.

1000 views usually equates to around 300 unique users.

We recommend a minimum spend of $500 per month to maximise your reach and efficiency and showcase your brand for longer than a few hours.

This way you get to predetermine your advert's performance and manage your monthly budget threshold.

Our Publications

Reach a highly engaged audience of women on a content platform designed for women to deliver uplifting, empowering and useful content. Be part of the conversation with the voice of women.
Show up in the platform where journalism lives and engage with an informed and discerning audience across the four corners of New Zealand.
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